Leaf Book

E-Reader Library Series #6
found wooden tray, paper, adhesive
Created by Todd Pattison  2013

Private collection

Some books of historical importance have been separated into individual leaves that could be distributed to multiple individuals. These “leaf books” were produced so collectors could own a part of a volume that might have been too expensive to purchase complete.  With imagining in high resolution of these texts collectors can now own the information of many thousands of books in a compact space. But some people may still choose to own a physical part of an object. This piece illustrates how a collector could own physical parts of many of the books contained as electronic texts by their e-reader. Instead of leaves from each volume 151 miniature books have been constructed from damaged 19th century books. This creates the look of a “library” that is about the size of a typical e-reader. The physical appearance of books gives the collector a connection that is often lacking with single sheets of paper in historical leaf books.